Media Solstice First Full-Service Agency in Orange County Named As Google Partner

Media Solstice First Full-Service Agency in Orange County Named As Google Partner

Media Solstice Marketing & Public Relations, an award-winning agency serving the Hudson Valley, has recently been named a Google Partner.

Google launched the Google Partners platform in 2013 with the vision to “build true champions of the web and support them with the resources, training, and support to help businesses succeed online.” Google Partners follow Google’s best practices, maintain a high level of performance, and manage a minimum spend requirement within managed accounts.

“We’re lucky to have Matt O’Sullivan, our director of Digital Marketing Services, on the Media Solstice team. He has invested countless hours with our clients’ digital campaigns to ensure that we were making the most of our clients’ digital advertising budgets,” said Jessica Gardner, Media Solstice’s founder and president. “The Google Partner badge demonstrates the confidence that Google – an industry leader in technology, information, marketing, software, search, and so much more – has in our digital team.”

Google Partners stay ahead of the curve by working directly with Google, and have special access to training, the latest research, and product updates.

“There’s still a lot of confusion around Google’s pay-per-click advertising platform, AdWords,” said O’Sullivan. “It’s a very effective marketing tool, but many businesses simply dive in on their own without enough knowledge to examine how those ads perform. A campaign can quickly become a waste of money without proper management and oversight. Our Google-supported campaign management techniques allow us to provide a fantastic ROI for our clients and get the most out of their marketing budget.”

To view Media Solstice’s Partner Profile Page, click here.