Google Partners Share All About the Perks

Google Partners Share All About the Perks

When you choose a GOOGLE PARTNER to manage your digital marketing campaign, you’ve selected a team that has been fully vetted and approved by Google for its product knowledge and quality deliverables.

But expert knowledge isn’t the only advantage that comes with working with a Google Partner.

Special Offers and Promotions.

Everyone likes saving money; that’s pretty much universal, especially when it comes to owning and operating a business. Through its Partners, Google offers special promotions to businesses starting AdWords campaigns for the first time. Typically these offers include free advertising with a certain amount of spend within AdWords, such as receiving $100 in credit when you spend $25. Not a bad deal, right? You’ll want to call a Google Partner to reap that benefit.

A Direct Line to Google.

A Google Partner is (in most cases) assigned to a Google employee, who is there to support the agency in any way possible. This provides the Partner direct contact to a Google advisor, whether that is to ask questions, get advice, discuss optimization strategies, or request data. Speaking of data…

All Sorts of Cool Reports, Updates, and Research.

A Google Partner also has direct, immediate access to data provided by Google. This includes a plethora of historical information derived from AdWords data, all sorts of industry trends, performance research, vertical-specific trends, AdWords proposals, and research tools that aren’t available to anyone else. That, of course, translates to better results and performance for the advertiser.

Being Ahead of the Curve.

Google Partners are the first to know about enhancements, improvements, and new functionality offered through the AdWords platform. In addition to getting the inside scoop, Google Partners are also eligible to join beta testing for new features that have been designed to help an advertiser stand out and get the most out of their AdWords campaigns.

Exclusive Events.

Google provides an incredibly valuable asset to its Partners by hosting events to share knowledge, tips, and information. Some of those events include digital breakfasts, Partners Connect events, and more. As a business owner, this gives you marketing insight from just about the best source possible (Google), and an opportunity to get some face time with local marketing experts as well.

All in all, there is a pretty huge advantage to working with a Google Partner on your marketing. It’s like sitting right on the bench with your favorite team instead of in the bleachers with everyone else. You’ll hear information and get perks you just wouldn’t be able to otherwise.