Digital Not One-size-fits-all Solution

Digital Not One-size-fits-all Solution

Digital marketing has created a whole new realm of messaging possibilities for businesses of all sizes. Email, websites, search, social media – the technology is comparatively young, and the landscape changes every single day.

Startups enter the marketplace, bringing new platforms, ideas, and possibilities. Tech giants like Google, Apple, and Facebook are bringing changes to existing applications, devices, and platforms, while paving the way to new possibilities in a growing marketplace.

Simply put, digital marketing can be hard. Just when you finally get a handle on Twitter, users are flocking to Periscope. You finally figured out Facebook, and now Snapchat has become a player. Even with 20+ years of history behind it, the internet is still finding new ways to reach users.

We understand the challenge digital marketing presents. Your business probably doesn’t have the luxury of throwing money at every new trend that comes along. Digital is not a one-size-fits-all solution, or even a one-size-fits-most solution. Different verticals have different needs. Individual businesses have different needs.

We enjoy the process of learning about each client we work with – their goals, their strengths, and what makes them stand out. This information translates into a digital marketing plan that works.

The beauty of digital marketing is that everything is measurable. Every dollar is accounted for. Your budget isn’t an arbitrarily assigned value to a perceived outcome. You can trace what you spent, how many people you reached, how often you reached them, and what actions they took. You can understand the funnel, from exposure to you and your brand all the way to the initial purchase and the lifetime value of the customer.

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